Insight The Mind

Under the heading 'Insight The Mind' I would like to provide scientific content that goes beyond conventional publications in scientific journals and books. For example, various neuropsychological tasks, training protocols, and interviews/presentations.

Neuropsychological Tasks

In the following, neuropsychological tasks are listed which are developed and/or programmed by us. The tasks are available free of charge for general use and can be released on request.

Oddball task


Previously, the oddball task has been used in an uncountable number of behavioral and neurophysiological studies in both patients and healthy participants. The task comprises the presentation of sequences of repetitive audio/visual stimuli, which are in-frequently interrupted by a deviant stimulus. Participants are instructed to react / respond to the deviant stimuli. The present version allows to vary every single parameter, such as number of trials, frequency of targets, max. reaction time. Furthermore, individual audio files can be used as target and distractor tone. An additional feature is the possibility to present a video file simultaneously to the task. Every single parameter can be modified individually. The task is programmed in Java. The task is available in English and German. Output parameters: reaction time, error rate.

SwAD task


The SwAD-task offers the possibility to investigate different attentional demands, but more importantly, the ability of switching in between them. The modular character of the task – which is based on the Stimulus Delivery and Experiment Control Software, Presentation® – allows the user to address different attentional demands. In the version at hand, we implemented the attentional demands of selective and divided attention. Typically, the SwAD-task comprises three conditions: (1) Training, (2) Single demand, and (3) Switching demand. The task is available in English and German. Output parmeters: reaction time, error rate.